Rally Questions?

If you have rally questions/inquiries that are not answered by the details in the update below:

2018 Rally Update

Please email the Wagonmasters directly at: wagonmaster2018 at gmail . com 

See you in February!

22 thoughts on “Rally Questions?”

    1. Hi Connie! The form that you see on Friday will not be white on white. The PDF creation process to allow you to see the form in advance removed colors. The costs for one and two persons are both listed in the form. It is $958 (exclusive of other fees), for two people.

    1. Denise,

      You can compare your registration receipt that was emailed to you against the paypal receipt, and see if anything was omitted. If anything was, please let the wagon masters know.

  1. I tried to register this morning but after 10 minutes the registration form still said processing.
    PayPal worked fine but how do I know if I’m registered?

    1. Sharon, I confirmed that your paypal is completed. Please resubmit your application ( without the PayPal step).

      I apologize for the problems.

      Jim Ponder

  2. So…just curious. How many people have registered for the 2018 m.c. ralley. Do we have a list and can you publish it? Dee and I are currently celebrating our 40th anniversary in Mazitlan and are wondering how things are going. Also, for some reason we are not getting notifications on Facebook, through Escapes or Mexican Connection Facebook pages. I think escapees f.b. would be a great way to get this info out there, because most all escapees are connected to Facebook.

  3. I registered for four people in one rig, and tried to pay for all but it would only let me pay $1000 on the bill. So let me know how to pay the rest of the payment.

    1. Carl, there is no reason that I know of on our PayPal end. There may be a restriction on your paypal account. Could you tray to make the rest of your payment with paypal. Jim

  4. I signed up with PayPal and linked my credit card to it but after I tap the PayPal button on the registration form and sign in to pay pal and then I put in the amount from my registration form, PayPal comes back that it can’t process it and I have to pay this transaction another way. Don’t know what’s wrong and I would really like to pay another way if possible. This would be my third trip with the Mexican Connection..Thank you for any help

  5. You said every rig needs a CB. I believe you said a hand held. Either way, do you have any suggestions? I am CB illiterate and could use advice on what kind to get, where to get it, etc. Also someone said we should have walkie talkies. Suggestions on them would also be appreciated.

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