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    1. Judy, the 2012 newsletters are on the web site, but you may have to set your zoom to 75% to see them in Chrome. The latest 2017 December update is also on the page under News.


  1. Dear fellow escapees I understand that you may be confused about some information about the TIP on your upcoming visit here to Mexico I was confused too before my wife and I decided to make a trip down here to make to Baja no one seemed to have the right information so I did what I was told to do to get the TIP send both are fifth wheel and truck are both Finance through our bank I got a letter granting me permission to travel to Mexico with my own Vehicles it was fairly easy once they understood what I needed. We got our insurance we got our FMM had our passports ready and we went over the day before we cross the border to get the FMM stamped cross the border the next day the east Mexicali gate I did not ask about the TIP. They asked for my passport the FMM proof of registration looked inside my fifth wheel and wish me safe travels that was it. But I was ready if they mentioned it not me about the TIP. So we are here in San Felipe or first time ever in Baja Mexico heading to Ensenada then down to Cabo San Lucas safe travel fellow escapees.

    1. Thanks for your personal experiences, Our wagonmasters will be addressing this in the upcoming Newsletter and in emails to all rally attendees.
      Cynthia Ponder

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