Summer 2018 newsletter deadline June 30

An overlander with a top tent camps at La Gringa boondocking site near Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja California. Photo by Joseph M. de Leon

Members enjoy reading about other members’ travels in Mexico, especially with a photo or two. Write your short story and submit it so that it may be edited and included in the Summer 2018 newsletter. Submissions are due Saturday, June 30, 2018 for the newsletter that will be sent out in mid-July. If you have any story or photo essay ideas, I’d love to hear them. Maybe it’s a side trip you took. Or maybe you have a different perspective on a topic we’ve already covered. Even a single photo with an interesting caption can go a long way toward helping others understand what Chapter 8 is all about!

Submission guidelines :

Contributing to La Conexión Mexicana is easy and can be as long as a multi-page article or as simple as a single photo. Please follow the guidelines below or e-mail me if what you have in mind isn’t covered.

Meet the deadline – Summer 2018: June 30, 2018, published mid-July; Fall 2018: Sept. 30, published mid-Oct.; Winter 2018: Dec. 15, published early Jan.

Make articles lively – Whether just a few paragraphs or a few pages, write short, descriptive sentences. Imagine you’re telling the story to a friend. Write complete sentences and double check you spelled names and places correctly.

Include photo captions – make sure to write a caption for each photo you submit. Include captions in a text file, using the photo’s file name to distinguish each caption. The best captions include the location, names of folks pictured, and offer a bit of additional information not obvious from the photo.

Submit a few files by e-mail – If you’re submitting an article or a few photos, please send to Use a subject line that describes the attached files, for example “San Felipe article with photos,” not “Here you go.”

Consider using “the cloud” if submitting lots of files – There are many free services available, including DropBox and SmugMug. I’m happy to offer my opinion on how to do this. Alternatively, you can group photos in several e-mails.

File formats – for articles, Word (.doc), text (.txt), and Rich Text Format (.rtf) work well, or you can include the text of the article in the body of the e-mail. For photos, please submit photos in .jpg format. If at all possible, downsize photos to no larger than about 1 megabyte. It’ll make your upload and my download quicker, especially when Wi-Fi is spotty or unavailable.