Welcome one and all to Chapter 8’s next spectacular Rally! Travel 100 miles of better roads into Baja California during 19 days of fascinating events, tasty cuisine and blissful relaxation in the Land of Mañana. Read the updates below. Registration for the 2019 Rolling Rally is currently closed, please join us in 2020.

Rolling Rally Power Point

  • Power Point Presentation of the Completed Rally

Rolling Rally bulletin #8

  • Rolling Rally itinerary and final reminders

Rolling Rally bulletin #7

  • Attendee Roster and arrival reminder

Rolling Rally bulletin #6

  • Getting to the rally, camping at Potrero County Park, registration info, and reminders

Rolling Rally bulletin #5

  • Rolling Rally medical emergency form

Rolling Rally bulletin #4

  • Rolling Rally checklist

Rolling Rally bulletin #3

  • Rally roster photo request, preparation reminders, volunteer reminder, and intro to travel groups

Rolling Rally bulletin #2

  • Details about each campsite, frequently asked questions, and travel suggestions

Rolling Rally bulletin #1

  • Rally overview, including estimated price, destinations, and Rally dates

Should you have additional questions at this time please contact the Wagonmaster.