Rolling Rally Bulletin #7

Hola Amigos,

[Editor’s note: for privacy reasons, the Attendee Roster is not posted online. Please request a copy from the Wagonmaster.]

Please find attached the 2019 Rolling Rally proof copy of our Attendee Roster. Take a moment and carefully look through the information.

Specifically check your date and time of arrival (in red), please note that Group Leaders (7 GL rigs), Parking Team (8 PT rigs) and other special volunteers such as Board Members, Charity Committee and Welcome Dinner organizers are arriving early. All Rally attendees are expected to arrive only during their respective assigned arrival window.

Let me know if I need to update any of your personal information such as rig size, assigned volunteer opportunities, generator/solar/electric requirements (when available), personal contact information and potential spelling errors.

The final version will go into print in three days and be handed out to all attendees at check-in upon arriving at Potrero County Park Campground.

Many thanks and hasta luego!

Your Wagonmaster,