Rolling Rally Bulletin #8

Hola todo el mundo…

Due to popular demand I am sending out the Rolling Rally itinerary now AND we will pass out a printed copy at registration at Potrero Park next Monday.

While we try to plan carefully, there is always a chance that there will be some changes. As always, we will announce the most recent current day’s itinerary and any changes on our whiteboards for all to see.

A few more questions have come up since the last email:

For those of you who need DEF fluid for your diesel engines, make sure to bring plenty along. It is difficult to find in Mexico.

Please bring a long extension cord along with a 15 amp outlet if you are planning on having electric hook up at La Jolla Beach Camp. We will park in two or three rows, first row is solar and medium generator only. Second row is electric, solar or medium generator. All who singed up for maximum generator will have to hook up to the 15 amp electric or be in third row. Usually there is an extra charge for electric, however, we will waive this charge for the rally attendees. While the voltage has been very good at this campground a surge protector is always a good idea.

Several of you (especially the more recent sign-ups) have asked about what to bring for in-kind donations. While many will bring items from home or the USA, you will also have the opportunity to pick up items in Mexico for donations. School supplies, adult diapers, soccer balls, blankets, SKP auction items, etc. can easily be found at Costco, Walmart or local stores in Ensenada.

Yes, fill up your propane tank before arriving at Potrero. Propane is also available in Mexico.

Many have asked about a dump station, Potrero park has a very nice dump station. You cannot find better drinking water than Potrero Park well water, so arrive with an empty water tank if you wish and fill up at the park. Remember, it is a long, steep climb up to Potrero Park, so maybe less weight is better! One last reminder for good levelling blocks for Potrero.

Well, that’s it for now, I hope to see all of you on your designated arrival date/time. The early volunteers such as Parking Team, Board Members, Decorators & Welcome Dinner volunteers have been busy working behind the scenes to make the rally a great success. We are excited to see all your bright smiling faces on Monday the 11th!


2019 Rolling Rally itinerary