Escapees Social Network, Inc., Chapter 8

The Mexican Connection

Executive Board Members as of February 26, 2020

Chapter 8, Mexican Connection, Executive Board Members as of February 26, 2020. Each Executive Board Member has one vote regardless of the number of positions he/she may hold. In addition to their respective offices and duties, Executive Board Members deliberate and vote on important Chapter 8 issues, prepare recommendations for General Membership Meetings and fulfill the requirements of the Chapter 8 Bylaws and Standing Rules.

President, Kassandra Dennis (Steer the ship according to our Mission Statement)

Immediate Past President, Ed Dennis (Experienced in steering the ship, Bylaws & Standing Rules)

Co-Wagonmaster, Gary Hatt and Shari Nova (Wagonmaster, organizes & leads  rally)

Second Vice President/Wagonmaster, OPEN (Wagonmaster next Rally, organizes & leads next rally)

To be determined

Secretary, Dory Johnson (keeping minutes of Executive Board and General Membership Meetings)

Treasurer, Steve Bufty, (Keeping accounts, issuing payments, filing taxes, & reporting to membership)

Assistant Treasurer, Ron Wroblewski (Assisting Treasurer and performing in Treasurer’s absence)

Membership, Herb Baldwin (Welcoming new members and keeping membership rolls current)

Webmaster, Bill Johnson (Website posting, website maintenance, group emails to membership) or

Newsletter Editor, Cece Wroblewski (Chapter 8 Newsletters emailed out to all current members)

Historian, Herb Baldwin (Maintaining Chapter 8 history, digitizing documents for website display)