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2020 Baja Adventure Rally Registration is now open!

Click here, for registration form and instructions.


Gary Hatt, Owner/Editor of Bus Conversion Magazine wrote an in depth article about his adventures on the Mexican Connection 2019 Rolling Rally. It serves as a good guide for those who are considering joining our 2020 Baja Rally Adventure.

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The following is a Powerpoint presentation Ellie Kidd presented to this Escapade59.

The purpose of Chapter 8 is to:

  • Introduce Escapees Chapter 8 Mexican Connection members to RV travel in Mexico, its scenery, traditions, food, culture and folklore.
  • Travel South of the border and give back more than the enriching experiences we gain, through charity donations and business patronization.
  • Enable Chapter 8 members to feel comfortable to return to Mexico for future rallies as well as their own road trip adventures.