How it all began. . .

Mexican Connection, Chapter 8 of the Escapees RV Club, was established in 1985 in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, by a group of Escapees members who loved to winter in Mexico. They felt other Escapees would enjoy visiting that country.

Escapees at Happy Hour

The purpose of Chapter 8 is to:

We have one official rally each year in Mexico at which time

Our elected officers are:
President, 1st Vice President - Wagonmaster, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, Secretary,Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Membership Chairman, and Historian.

Chapter 8 News


2017 San Felipe Rally is Sold Out


There is risk to traveling in Mexico, as there is risk in traveling anywhere. The question is, how much risk? And is it a level of risk you are comfortable in assuming? Your individual comfort level is the key. Some travelers are comfortable in assuming more risk than others. At the beginning of Rally registration and through the pre-Rally, Chapter 8 strives do a good job in laying out its travel plans, in as much detail as folks require, so that folks can make their own decision to go or not to go. But all participants and Chapter 8 representatives need to be careful because no one in Chapter 8 has the power to "guarantee" or offer "assurances" to any fellow traveler that they will be safe and comfortable. To make the trek into Mexico is a decision each traveler must make for themselves.

When planning rallys, the Wagonmaster is always thinking safety and comfort. Our very important planning guidelines include the following. We never travel at night or for long periods during the day where folks might become fatigued. We always travel in groups of 7-9 rigs. If someone has trouble, the group stays together until the problem is solved. You are not left alone to deal with it. We always avoid city congestion by going around, whenever possible. Where we do encounter congestion on our routes we can often arrange a police escort. We take the major toll roads versus the two lane country roads. The campgrounds where we stay provide security. Generally, Chapter 8 can only estimate the anticipated risks that fellow Escapees traveling into Mexico will encounter.

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