Escapees Chapter 8
Mexican Connection

About Us

The purpose of Chapter 8 is to:


    • Introduce Escapees Chapter 8 Mexican Connection members to RV travel in Mexico, its scenery, traditions, food, culture, and folklore.

    • Travel South of the border and give back more than the enriching experiences we gain, through charity donations and business patronization.

    • Enable Chapter 8 members to feel comfortable returning to Mexico for future rallies as well as their own road trip adventures.

We have one official rally each year in Mexico at which time


    • Officers are elected

    • A destination is selected for next year’s rally

    • A report of the year’s Charitable contributions is presented

    • Other chapter business is conducted

How it all began. . .

Mexican Connection, Chapter 8 of the Escapees RV Club, was established in 1985 in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, by a group of Escapees members who loved wintering in Mexico. They felt other Escapees would enjoy visiting that country.

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Our elected officers are:


1st Vice President – Wagonmaster

2nd Vice President – Assistant Wagonmaster





Charity, and

Immediate Past President