Chapter 8’s Philanthropy Program

Chapter 8 Mexican Conn Chapter 8’s Philanthropy Program

Individually and as a group Chapter 8 rally participants have always been extremely generous, not just with dollar/peso donations to worthy organizations, but with contributed labor and in-kind items as well.  We hold a live auction and a silent auction during each Rally that raises money for several worthy causes. Rally participants are asked to bring items in new or very good condition items that are valued by other RVers. Suggested items include wine, beer, and other liquor, specialty food items, famous products from the RVer’s home state or province, jewelry, beads, handmade items, and special crafts items. Products from Mexico are also highly coveted.
Our auctions are always a lot of fun and we usually raise a good amount of money for charity. For example, in 2024 cash contributions were $6,200. In addition, over 50 people painted all of a school’s classrooms and made needed safety and electrical repairs on the campus.
The Philanthropy Committee is committed to identifying projects that both need and efficiently use our contributions in the local community. Rally participants are encouraged to physically visit the project sites because it is often an eye-opening experience!  The ways in which rally attendees can support these community efforts is discussed HERE.
Participants also help do the shopping for donated items to ensure that quality products with greater utility are selected.
As has also been the tradition for many years, each rally also contributes funds to the Escapees Care Center in Livingston, TX. 

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