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Chapter 8 Mexican Conn Travel Resources

Get To Know Mexico

Mexico Food and Dining

The allure of authentic Mexican food lies in its vibrant flavors, rich history, and diverse culinary traditions. Come taste the unique flavors developed over centuries unique to the Baja.

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¿Usted habla español?

Do you speak Spanish? The U.S. has the second highest population of native and secondary Spanish speakers in the world, and this population is growing every year. To make your Mexico travels easier, you could learn some of the most needed conversational phrases.

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Mexican Measurement Conversions

Units of Measurements in Mexico differ from that in the USA. Learn some simple formulas to get by most anywhere in the world.

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Lots of Mexico Travel FAQs

We've created an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers about travelling in Mexico.

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Traveling With Pets in Mexico

Are you sure you want to travel in Mexico with pets?

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Stay Current With Currency

Currency exchange can be a hassle, but that doen't mean you are at the mercy of currency exchange businesses of merchants. Be smart with your money whether it be in pesos or dollars.

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Mexican Music

Every culture develops its own forms of musical expression. Did you know that Mexican music is a "fusion of indigenous, European, and surprisingly, African musical traditions. Before the arrival of Europeans in the Americas, numerous indigenous cultures had their own musical traditions. Indigenous music often featured instruments such as drums, flutes, and rattles, playing a significant role –particularly – in rituals and ceremonies.

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Radio Communications

When travelling in areas with no or low cellular connectivity having a reliable two-way radio can be a lifesaver!

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Top Phone Apps For Travel In Mexico

Some digital apps are more popular in some countries than others. Travelling in Mexico warrants your consideration of these top applications.

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The Baja Is Special

Baja California might seem like an entirely different experience for an RV driver used to only USA travel with little knowledge of Mexico and the Baja Peninsula.

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Sonoran Life

Discover the fascinating world of Baja's flora and fauna, a realm that shares much with the Sonoran Desert spanning the southwestern USA and northern Mexico.

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Want To Race Your RV in Mexico?

For decades the Baja has been known for racing many types of vehicles in harsh desert conditions. Are you up to it?

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