Chapter 8 Mexican Conn Volunteering
Chapter 8’s Mexican Connection rallies offer many opportunities for volunteers to use their skills to make the rally a success. We are managed by an all-volunteer Executive Board that does all the behind-the-scenes work to pull off a successful rally for up to 120 people in a different area of Mexico every year.
Preceding every rally by 4-9 months is the annual Escapees Escapade. It is the focus of our member recruiting process where we let the general membership of Escapees learn about the coming year’s rally.  Volunteers are always needed to staff our educational booth and coordinate our evening social and presentation that answers everyone’s detailed questions about the forthcoming rally.
The greatest number of volunteers are needed once the rally begins at the USA/Mexico border. Every Chapter 8 rally in Mexico is a huge logistic challenge for the Wagonmaster and Executive Board. 
Dozens of volunteers are needed before and during the rally for:
    • Parking coordinators
    • Caravan group leaders
    • First Aid responders
    • Safety observers
    • Potluck organizers
    • Auctioneers and auction item coordinators
    • Social event coordinators
    • Elections nominating committee members
    • “News of the Day” delivery persons
    • Specialty trades people who can help with radios, mechanical breakdowns, electrical and plumbing systems, and generators.
These are not difficult tasks and can be a lot of fun! The rally registration form provides space for selecting one or more volunteer opportunities ahead of the rally. You can always add to your volunteer choices during the rally.
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